Crossroads Church Chooses Videotel Digital's Industrial Digital Signage Media Player That Makes Prayer More Powerful in Ohio

SAN DIEGO, August 23, 2016

VP71XD Industrial Looping & Interactive Media Player
Helping to create digital signage not easily forgotten, Videotel Digital has added a mega church to their list of happy clients.

Crossroads Church in Ohio is one of the latest and greatest to sing the praises of the company’s VP71XD Industrial Digital Signage Media Player. Used for a dynamic annual event based on the power of prayer, the media player assured the inspirational and effectual flow of the event. Using its feature of rebooting on demand, should any glitch in power occur, the mid-western church with six locations happily reported the seamless functionality of the unit.

Patrick Buescher, a representative of Crossroads Church, said of the VP71XD Industrial Digital Signage Media Player, “Annually, we operate what we call a ‘Prayer Experience’ which is best described as a temporary art installation. There are many rooms through this audio-guided tour that have different environments, some of which use projection mapping as an element. After running into issues with computer software playback, we chose to find the simplest solution available. We needed one box that just plays a video on a loop reliably. If there were a power outage, it would simply boot back up and do its job without intervention. We are very happy with the reliability, quality, and simplicity of the players we purchased from Videotel Digital. Each unit replaced $1800 in computers and software and have been significantly more reliable and user-friendly."

The VP71XD has a built-in scheduler that allows users to display various content at specific times of the day. Looping without intervention, after it automatically turns on, the industrial media player has a proven lifespan of over six years without failure. To add to the product’s outstanding digital signage features, the VP71XD can make content, played from a USB cable or SD card, interactive as well. To do this, the media player will connect to an interplay module and LED push buttons, motion sensors and proximity sensors.

Seamlessly looping content around the clock, the VP71XD can make almost anything on a USB or SD card interactive. To do so, users need only to connect the digital signage player to Videotel Digital’s IPM+ interplay module, LED push buttons, motion, and proximity sensors. With these interactive solutions, passers-by will be drawn in with targeted messages for trade shows, museums, events and the like. An all-around “think for you solution,” the player’s built-in scheduler will also trigger content to play at scheduled times of the day. Once programming is complete, it will automatically power on, autoplay, and repeat without manual interaction or a remote.

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