VP92 & VP92+ Software

With the VP92 and VP92+ you can play, schedule and trigger content using our embedded software (left) or our subscription based ($10 per month/per screen) cloud software (right).


Using our embedded software, you can play photos, videos or audio from USB, SD, LAN, SFTP, YouTube, IPTV, HDMI IN or WEB (file on a web site)
Play content to: 1 screen, 2 screens (same content), 2 screens (different content), 2 screens in SYNC (with your 2 files) to 2 screens in sync (our software splits your 1 file)

Playback options: Loop in order, loop random, interactive instant or delayed (using our interactive devices), schedule content with text file, schedule or trigger from RS232.
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Using our subscription cloud based software you can create campaigns and push them out to your players.

  • Upload your own images and photos
  • Use one of our hundreds of templates to get started
  • Monitor all of your screens in real time
  • Create "touch screen" campaigns
  • Schedule content to play at different times and days
  • Use the IoT to trigger content and devices during scheduled times or when triggered by devices
  • Use any of our interactive devices to trigger content
  • Dozens of Widgets: weather, social media, news, etc 

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