Demonstration Videos

Demonstration of the Wave To Play solution
WAVE to Play is a proximity sensor that responds to the “Wave” of a hand, allowing the viewer to trigger a video on a digital signage screen from a distance of between one to three inches. WAVE can be installed underneath any non-metal material up to three inches thick.

Overview of Videotel Digital and Product Line
Videotel Digital exhibits at Infocomm and debuts our latest 4K networked media player along with our interactive solutions. Lisa Schneider, Vice President of Sales and Marketing is interviewed and briefly touches on our various players and interactive solutions.

Wave To Play
WAVE to Play is a proximity sensor that responds to the “Wave” of a hand, allowing the viewer to trigger a video on a digital signage screen from a distance of between one to three inches. WAVE can be installed underneath any non-metal material up to three inches thick.

Touchless Buttons
The PUSH Solution uses our IPH (Interactive Control Harness) to connect to the VP71XD, VP71XD 4K, VP90 and VP92 digital media players. This external harness interface offers your audience the ability to trigger various content with a push of a button from your playlist on the SD, USB, or Cloud (VP90 Only). Harnesses are custom-made according to your specifications. Create an interactive experience with our IPH. LED push and touchless buttons are sold separately.

Our RFID Interactive digital signage solution gives you the capability to identify objects using RFID tags and an RFID reader. RFID enables you to broadcast real-time promotions and or information about an item or object to a screen instantly. Simply affix RFID tags to any objects. Position the RFID tag near the RFID reader and the reader will then send identification to the media player to play content about the object. This solution may be installed underneath any non-metal material up to 1 inch thick. Our RFID solution is designed to work with either our VP90 industrial digital media player. The solution can be used with 1 RFID sensor or multiple sensors which may be connected together. RFID interactive is offered with any combination of Smart Cards, Key Fobs, and/or Stickers, each of which is pre-programmed to work right out of the box.

Are you looking to lure someone to a display, kiosk, end cap, or general area, increase customer engagement, and enhance their dwell time? SENSE is a NEW and innovative interactive digital signage solution designed with a Smart Sensor that detects human distance. It allows you to play different messages based on proximity. Play an "attract" looping video until someone approaches the desired distance from your display or screen. Program the smart sensor to play different content depending on the distance of the viewer. For example, you may play a video that captures attention to the area. You may then trigger a second video when a person comes within 32" to 15' 3" (adjustable) feet of the display. Additionally, you may trigger an "exit or goodbye" video when the person walks away from the targeted area. Essentially the effect is that the person is being lured to come closer to the display and then encouraged to get engaged further engaged with an additional video and then reminded with a goodbye video as the person leaves the display. If you are looking for a way to capture an audience immediately and get them engaged with any display, this is the solution for your project!

ELEVATE is an interactive digital signage solution that allows you to continuously and seamlessly play a default video on a screen or monitor until an item is lifted or elevated directly from the illuminated display box. Once an item is lifted from the platform a new video will trigger and display on the screen. Essentially the lift of the product creates the effect that the user has triggered the video themselves by picking up the item. Our ELEVATE solution includes both the illuminated display box and either our VP71XD 4K, VP90 or VP92 industrial digital media players. Content is read from a USB drive, SD card, or cloud (VP90 & VP92 only). Launch a single video or multiple video files with each lift and launch action.

Our SCAN Solution allows your customers to scan items or objects to trigger specific content with barcode stickers. SCAN is an ideal solution in retail or any display or area where you want to create an interactive display. SCAN is compatible with our interactive media players. SCAN, as shown, includes our VP71 XD digital signage player, scanner, and IPM module. SCAN can be used with the VP71XD or VP90 digital media players. The SCAN Solution offers your audience the ability to trigger content loaded on your SD/USB/DVD/Network with the scanning of a barcode. This solution is ideal for trade show booths, retail stores, museums, events, and just anywhere you wish to create an interactive playground of products or information.

The 8 button RF REMOTE connects to the IPM+ Inter-Play Module wirelessly and can be used with the VP71XD, VP71XD 4K, and VP90 digital signage media players. Recommended and popular for any facility or area where a TV screen or monitor is to be controlled by a person to display up to 8 video files triggered with a remote. Remote button 1 is tied to IPM+ #1, remote button 2 is tied to IPM+ #2, and so on. The same device could be used on 1 screen with 1 player, 1 IPM+ with 8 video files, and 1 remote. The IPM+ and RF REMOTE offer your audience the ability to trigger content loaded on your SD/USB/DVD/Network with the push of a button. Our slim yet powerful REMOTE has a range of approximately 75'.

IR Touchless Buttons
The Videotel Digital Touch-Less Infrared button is the latest addition to our touchless line-up. Instead of having to make physical contact as with a standard button, this unique solution triggers content from a distance of 1"-2"". In the standby mode, the LED will illuminate white, and then once a finger is detected the LED switches to white (additional color options will be available in the future). Our Touch-Less IR button is powered by 5 Volts DC and easily integrated with our IPM+, IPH, or any number of dry contact trigger devices.

Face it, today everyone's faces are buried in their mobile devices. What if there was a way to capture one's attention to a screen by attracting them with sound that appears as if someone just placed 3D headphones on their ears? Want immediate attention to your display or screen? HyperSound® HSS 300 is an extremely focused audio technology means sound where you want it. HyperSound innovation in audio generates an ultrasonic beam of sound. Similar to how a flashlight controls a ray of light, HyperSound® beams sound so only those in the targeted listening area can hear it. For those nearby the directional speaker, the sound to the ear is similar to virtual headphones so to speak. Slim speaker design makes integration into applications easy. Innovative audio technology makes it a uniquely effective solution for adding audio to even acoustically challenging environments.

MOVE is an Interactive digital signage solution that allows content to seamlessly auto loop and trigger additional content when human motion is detected by a motion sensor. Our move solution includes Videotel's VP71XD or VP90 industrial digital media player, interplay module, harness up to 6 feet (or longer with customization) and a motion sensor. Trigger a single video file or multiple files and associate each video with its corresponding motion. Motion sensor triggers content instantly as it detects motion. Our motion sensor is customizable. Set instant motion to be triggered or delay motion via a dial on the sensor. Motion sensor can detect motion range within a 15' dome shape parameter. Wow your audience with MOVE Interactive.